Sweet, Sweet Potato

Today was a milestone day for us. Gubbins embarked on his weaning journey. To say that I have a plan, or that I even have any idea of what I am doing would be a lie. The trigger is that G has dropped a percentile on the growth chart and is refusing to take a bottle. I’m not sure if solids will help, but it helps me to feel like I am doing something proactive about his weight and it also makes me feel like he will be less dependent on me for his daily intake.
*Thankfully* in this day and age, everyone is an expert and everyone has an opinion. Having been bombarded by slightly contradictory advice from the internet, my baby self- help books, family and friends (start weaning at 4 months / start weaning at 6 months / let your baby tell you when he is ready to start weaning), I was about ready to give up before we had even started. Finally, I called a friend whose 3 children have survived weaning. She must know what she is doing. She suggests doing it by colour – orange, then green, then one other colour, a piece of information my pea-sized brain could not retain at the time.

As a result of this simple, practical advice, G’s first experience of adult food (apart from the salted peanut flavouring on his cousin’s fingers that one time…) is the magically sweet, sweet potato. 

It was well-received, by his hands, face, eyes, hair and nose. Whether his stomach got a look-in is an entirely different question. But I’m not complaining. I’m just thrilled he didn’t scream, do the inverted banana back-arch, or choke when we proffered him the spoon with slightly trembling hands. I’m also so proud of the little guy for grasping this challenge (literally) with such enthusiasm.

After the initial flush of victory, I’m now concerned that I’ve made a mistake by starting with the best orange food in town (apart from monster munch). Watery carrot purée might not be quite as appealing. Hopefully Gubbins disagrees.














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