Bébé Eau de Parfum – an essential fragrance for the modern parent

I discovered the Bébé Eau de Parfum range when baby Gubbins was born and now I simply can’t leave the house without at least one of these scents. There is a number of different scents in the range, however I find that Vom de Bébé Eau de Parfum is my “go to” fragrance.

As a busy mum, I don’t have time to waste on looking good. That is why this perfume is so great. It is so easy to apply, just give your baby a little cuddle before you leave the house and you will smell of Vom de Bébé all day. It absorbs easily and quickly into any fabric, ensuring a lasting aroma. In fact, the fragrance is so resilient that it will last a wash-cycle in the washing machine and is not drowned out by other perfumes with lesser staying-power. If you want to make an impression, this is the fragrance for you! I was delighted that my nephew noticed the fragrance and told me that he could DEFINITELY smell me coming from a mile away.

There is also Pipi de Bébé Cologne for men. This Cologne is also super easy to apply and my partner tends to drench himself in it just as he dashes out of the house to work.

One of the things I love most about the Bébé range, is the packaging. It is so cute and each container is designed uniquely for you – It’s definitely worth keeping the packaging! What’s more, the ingredients are all locally and sustainably sourced.

The Bébé fragrance range is, in my opinion, synonymous with parenthood and should be part of any new parent’s collection – source some now (you won’t be sorry)!

6 thoughts on “Bébé Eau de Parfum – an essential fragrance for the modern parent

  1. Completely sustainable resource, no rain forests are disturbed or animals killed in its production, and easy on the bank account, …oops, not so on the last one. (Recent estimate was close to a quarter mil US dollars to raise one, not including university.) Oh, fart, enjoy ’em while you got ’em!!

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