You Can do Anything!*

*After you have changed that dirty nappy. Again.

I’m going to break my cardinal rule. This blog is about baby poo. Unfortunately this topic has occupied far too much of my mental space over the last week. In fact so much, that I have been unable to formulate a blog on any other more interesting subject matter.

Some weeks ago we embarked on the weaning journey with dear Gubbins. I was so excited about this adventure that I launched an entire blog to commemorate this milestone. “An exciting new experience for your baby” they said. “Enjoy exploring new tastes and sensations”… 

Granted, I have discovered new tastes, who knew banana and avo mash tasted so good?? And the sensation of eating cold, leftover mash has been wonderful (mainly because it is the only food I am able to cram into my hungry mouth between steaming, sterilising, feeding, cleaning and changing that darned nappy!!!) Because what they FAIL to mention in all the weaning blurb, is that overnight, the one in ten dirty nappy ratio changes to 10 in one. Yes that’s 10 dirty nappies in one day. Every fart has a follow through.

Today as I was feeding baby G, it was coming right back out the other end. I felt like Sisyphus. Gubbins is like a mini amplifier, whatever goes in comes straight back out, 10 times greater. And what comes out looks exactly like what went in. Almost as if that organically grown, lovingly prepared mash is of no nutrional value whatsoever. The stomach just looked at it and said with a disdainful sneer, “Meh, send it back!”

Unfortunately weaning is not a choice, breastfeeding my son when he is 18 is not an option. I just hope that the number of dirty nappies stabilises so that I can get on and do Anything.

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