Hello World (Again)

It’s been a while. 65 days in fact. I really have no excuse. No specific reason for the paucity of my blogs. If I was to use a simile, I would say that my brain is like a pen that has rolled under the couch and I have been scrabbling around on my belly these past weeks trying to reach it. I can’t write without my favourite pen.

The problem is that when I was born, I was only gifted with 24 hours in the day. Many mums I see on Facebook must have 26 or even 30 hours in their day. This can be the only explanation for the glowing smiles, the “I’ve just run 6 miles”, the impeccable kids, the exotic holiday vids… Lucky Muthas. 

So I guess my excuse is that there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. But everyone knows that the truth behind this excuse is that I’m not prioritising time to write. So I’m breaking the habit. I’m throwing this blog out there in an attempt to rediscover my mojo. To get the ink in that old pen flowing again.

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