A letter to my son 

My heart’s wonder, Six months have passed since I first felt your warm little body placed on my belly. The overwhelming flood of love and emotion that I felt on that day of your birth has soaked deep into the very core of my being.  I watch you as you sleep, drinking in the awesomeness … More A letter to my son 

Today you are You

When I started this blog, the “About Me” page confounded me. For many years I have been a woman, an engineer, a runner, a bookworm, a mountain climber, a sailor, a snowboarder, a triathlete, a nuisance, a perfectionist… For 6 months I have been a mum. Yet when I was called upon to write a … More Today you are You

Bébé Eau de Parfum – an essential fragrance for the modern parent

I discovered the Bébé Eau de Parfum range when baby Gubbins was born and now I simply can’t leave the house without at least one of these scents. There is a number of different scents in the range, however I find that Vom de Bébé Eau de Parfum is my “go to” fragrance. As a … More Bébé Eau de Parfum – an essential fragrance for the modern parent

Tooth and Claw

Before becoming a mum, if I had been asked to think of words to describe a baby, I probably would have thought of adjectives such as “soft”, “downy”, “cuddly”. I had no idea then, that babies have so many sharp, pointy bits. Our first traumatic experience with A was trying to crop his nails. I … More Tooth and Claw

10 Milk Bottles Hanging Round the House…

For any parent who has had the unfortunate experience of singing mindless nursery rhymes to try and calm a bored child, you may recognise the paraphrasing of the popular “10 Green Bottles” lyrical masterpiece. This actually describes the state of our house this week.   I have been lucky enough to be able to breastfeed … More 10 Milk Bottles Hanging Round the House…